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Selected Publications


Kristoffersen, B. and Langhelle, O. (2016). “Sustainable development as a Global-Arctic matter - Imaginaries and controversies”, in K. Keil and S. Kneckt (eds.), Beyond Geo-Politics: Arctic Governance in Global Perspective, London: Palgrave Macmillan (in press).

Langhelle, O. (2016). “Sustainable development – linking environment and development”, in J. Meadowcroft and D. Fiorino (eds.), Conceptual innovations in environmental policy, Cambridge: MIT Press (forthcoming).

Mintz-Habib, N (2016) Biofuels, Food Security and Developing Economies. Routledge Publishers

Mintz-Habib, N and Mokambo, S. (In progress for 2016) A globalized world: To what extent can bio-fortified and other specialized nutritious foods address food insecurity challenges in changing agricultural and food environments? (eds), New York: Palgrave-McMillan



Farsund, A. A., Daugbjerg, C. and Langhelle, O. (2015). “Food security and trade: reconciling discourses in the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Trade Organization”. In: Food Security, Vol. 7(2): 383-391.

Mitchell, Andrew (2015) Ministers Reflect, an interview by Tom Gash and Jen Gold. Institute for Government, London.  



Mintz-Habib, N; Behnassi, M and Shabbir, S. (2014) Science, Policy and Politics of Modern Agricultural System: Global Context to Local Dynamics of Sustainable Agriculture (eds), London: Springer

Caryl, Christian, Steve McCauley, Anne Applebaum, Jerzy Wójcik, and Catherine Gicheru (2014) Let There Be Speech: Reforming the Media in Rwanda. Legatum Institute, London. 



Blindheim, B-T., Langhelle, O. and Laudal, T. (2013). “Responsible Supply Change Management – the Economic and Political Responsibility of Companies within Global Supply Chains”. In: A. Midttun (Ed.), CSR and Beyond. A Nordic Perspective. Oslo: Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Mitchell, Andrew (2013) A Safer and More Prosperous World: Why Aid Really Matters In An Age of Austerity. Legatum Institute, London.

Timmins, Jeremy (2013) Free speech and the gun in Libya. Dahrendorf Programme for the Study of Freedom at St Antony's College in the University of Oxford, Oxford.



Meadowcroft, J., Langhelle, O. and Ruud, A. (eds.) (2012). Governance, democracy and sustainable development: moving beyond the impasse. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Timmins, Jeremy (2012) Free Speech, Free Press, Free Societies. Legatum Institute, London.


'Governance, Domestic Change, and Social Policy in China. 100 Years after the Xinhai Revolution' edited by Jean-Marc F. Blanchard and Kun-Chin Lin

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'Bargaining with a Rising India. Lessons from the Mahabharata' by Amrita Narlikar and Aruna Narlikar is now available at Oxford University Press.

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International Affairs Special Issue, May 2013, Negotiating the Rise of New Powers

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