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Maritime Governance

In the post-Cold War era, maritime Asia has heated up with rising China challenging Pax Americana in regional politics and naval supremacy. This programme identifies comparative lessons in the historical rise of naval powers, application of international maritime law, and regional cooperative mechanisms for traditional and non-traditional security and marine resource management.

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Global Economic Governance

The Global Economic Governance programme examines the ways in which rising powers affect the international economic, financial and trade regimes. Research in this programme examines both existing and emerging institutional arrangements, and is centered around a seminar series, reading group, and annual conference (details for 2016-17 academic year to be announced).

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Faith and Markets

Burgeoning entrepreneurship lies at the heart of the rising powers but what is driving it and how can it best contribute to human development? CRP’s Faith and Markets (FAM) programme focuses on the development potential of socially and environmentally responsible business and the worldviews, aspirations and ethics that drive it. In doing so, we apply research methods drawn from the social sciences and humanities to analyse the interdependences between markets, networks, and religious institutions and ideas.

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Resilience and Sustainable Development

The overarching mission of the Resilience and Sustainable Development programme is to offer valuable and actionable insights that will help ethical leaders to cope and to thrive; and to drive policy innovations and institutional development in a changing world. Resiliency and sustainability depend on good leadership, empowered people, the wise use of natural resources and the profitable activities of ethical companies to bridge the gaps between rich and poor, so as to enhance prosperity for all.

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'Governance, Domestic Change, and Social Policy in China. 100 Years after the Xinhai Revolution' edited by Jean-Marc F. Blanchard and Kun-Chin Lin

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'Bargaining with a Rising India. Lessons from the Mahabharata' by Amrita Narlikar and Aruna Narlikar is now available at Oxford University Press.

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International Affairs Special Issue, May 2013, Negotiating the Rise of New Powers

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